News from the Road

Things have been a bit hectic around here. New interviews coming soon. Am in Berkeley at the moment, taking some time to try and catch up on writing, meet some people, check out the scene. There is a lot going on across the bridge in SF, hard to describe. Spoke at this event on Monday night, though, and the changes are on everybody’s mind.

In NYC the transformation has been slow and ongoing for a long time, watching SF is like watching a time-lapse movie, where the metamorphosis is happening almost overnight. It is going to be interesting. And probably pretty difficult.

Went to another LISA salon a few weeks back and saw a presentation by Allison Berkoy, a very interesting young multimedia artist with a background in theater. Very curious to see more of her work.

Have been thinking a lot about digital public art. Good example of it (to my mind) is Susie Ibarra’s “Digital Sanctuaries” which you can experience on June 21 if you’re in Lower Manhattan. More details here.

I’ll be on a panel at Harvestworks talking about Ephemeral Objects, digital public art,  sound art and “place” on June 26.

More soon!